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a graphic novel about the aftermath of a suicide told from the perspectives of fourteen narrators

story and art by Jill Kastner

>6is a graphic novel about loss, love and redemption, as a family moves forward to find hope after a tragedy.


On a cloudless autumn morning, sixteen year-old Emily Martinez steps into an empty bathtub and ends her life, leaving those around her devastated and broken. Attempting to find answers and come to terms with their grief, those closest to her must examine Emily's life and the events that led to her last, desperate act. Through the alternate perspectives of fourteen different narrators, Emily’s story unfolds over the course of one year, as her family, loved ones, and other integral characters make their own personal journeys toward healing and reconciliation.

Exploring the multi-faceted detritus of suicide and the myriad ways it forever changes those left behind, >6 is a story of first love, pain, betrayal, resilience, divorce, joy, anxiety, youth, trust, heartbreak, longing, solitude, discovery, dementia, life, death, and everything in between.




Full-color (could also be black and white) 400-page YA graphic novel. 10” x 8”.

Manuscript complete and available upon request.

Delivery of finished art: approximately 24 months.



Emily's younger brother Sam is haunted by images he refuses to speak of to anyone. Frustrating a long line of therapists who can't get him to open up, his only consolation is his perpetual quest for answers.  


Belligerent, profanity-spewing Claude, Emily's best friend and cousin, was the storm cloud to Emily’s sunshine. She barricades herself behind a wall of sarcasm and anger, using drugs, sex and illegal activities to deaden her pain.


Emily’s mother, Gwen, exists in a world of before’s. She finds it impossible to move forward past that October morning, six months ago. Her inability to function in the present threatens to make Sam a casualty of her grief, as she can’t truly address his trauma.


To Mikayla and her friends, Cynthia and Naomi, Emily was just another one of those popular girl with zero problems—not a care in the world. In observing the fallout over Emily’s death, however, Mikayla realizes the girls have more in common than she previously thought.


Emily's boyfriend, Josh, has loved her since they were children. Unable to let go, Josh inhabits a world where Emily is still a living, breathing presence.


Mia is Gwen’s sister, and mother to Claude and Lily. As acerbic as her daughter, she nevertheless brings to her familial relationships a warmth and compassion that she hopes will be enough to save everyone.